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Customizable Great Converting Order Pages

Verotel is the leader of conversion: making the most money from each individual user that clicks your JOIN NOW or BUY NOW button. You are able to add your own logo and colour while Verotel is only asking for the necessary information, depending on payment type and country of origin. Verotel's order pages are multi lingual and regularly Verotel adds more languages upon demand.


Traditionally, online entertainment is billed on a subscription basis. Subscriptions are created when a subscriber clicks a Buy Now or Join Now button and submits their information for approval. Verotel offers a Remote User Manager tool for adding, modifying and deleting subscribers instantly.

This Remote User Manager, or VerotelRUM, is a script that is installed on the server of the merchant. It allows Verotel to add, modify and delete users remotely once a transaction has been completed. For this Verotel is using a 'Postback' (a HTTP call to the server of the merchant).

For the technical description of VerotelRUM, please download the VerotelRUM Documentation.
Download the VerotelRUM library for ASP version 1.0.
Download the VerotelRUM library for Perl version 1.0.

If you are unable to install the VerotelRUM script, Verotel can do this for you at no charge. Please file an "installation request" in the Verotel Control Center and a Verotel Specialist will contact you to setup your script.

Verotel Flexpay

Abgesehen von einer Buy Now oder Join Now-Taste, bietet Verotel FlexPay. Mit FlexPay können Händler von Verotel Beträge und Beschreibungen direkt an Bestellseiten von Verotel senden.

Verotel FlexPay allows Verotel merchants to charge for content, with or without the need for a innovative way of billing is the perfect solution for cam sites and other token-based systems to sell pre-paid credit.

Please note that the latest version of Verotel FlexPay also support subscriptions, where it's possible to sell subscriptions without setting them up on forehand in the Verotel Control Center.

Verotel FlexPay is the perfect dynamic pricing solution for your:

  • camsites
  • pay per view sites
  • pay per download sites
  • shopping cart systems
  • token / credit purchase systems

For the technical description of Verotel FlexPay, please download the FlexPay Documentation.

New features have been added to the FlexPay API in the last few weeks. The latest documentation can be found in the Verotel Control Center under Setup Websites once you set up your first FlexPay website.

You can download the latest Verotel One Click integration document here.

You can download the latest Verotel Upgrade integration document here.

Because every Verotel FlexPay installation is very specific we are unable to do the Verotel FlexPay installation for you. However, we are eager and glad to assist you with any problems or difficulties you may have using this software.

Control Center API

The Verotel Control Center API extends the functionality of the Verotel Control Center from your own interface. With the Control Center API you can obtain extensive reports, cancel future billings, downgrade sales and refund transactions. The Control Center API is a very powerful tool that - once integrated - provides you all the flexibility you need to run your online business.

For the technical description of the Verotel Control Center API, please review the Control Center API Documentation.


Affiliate marketing is a popular method of promoting web businesses in which an affiliate is rewarded for every customer provided through his efforts.

Der attraktivste Aspekt des Affiliate-Marketing ist, dass erst in dem Moment eine Vergütung an den Affiliate zu zahlen ist, wenn Ergebnisse realisiert werden.

Verotels Affiliateprogramm OpenAffiliate ist ein einsatzbereites und vollständig integriertes Affiliate-Marketing-Programm, mit dem Sie über das Internet Affiliates rekrutieren und verwalten können. Mit anderen Worten wird Ihr entsprechender Affilate Ihnen Besucher auf Ihre Website schicken und infolgedessen für zusätzliche Transaktionen sorgen.

Verotel verfolgt die Verkäufe, die über diese Affiliates entstehen, und zahlt die von Ihnen gewählten Affiliate-Provisionen direkt an die Affiliates aus.

OpenAffiliate ist kostenlos und wird Ihren Traffic und Umsatz drastisch steigern!

For the technical description of Verotel OpenAffiliate, please download the OpenAffiliate Documentation.

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